Grim Up North
Temple Newsam West Yorkshire Evening Series 2019

Temple Newsam West Yorkshire Evening Series 2019

Increasing our opportunities for a midweek run we are now able to offer not just the option to run this lovely course in the evening but also in the daytime. With the longer distances ( marathon and half marathon) taking place during the daytime and shorter distances (5 and 10 mile) in the evening there is plenty to choose from. At this time of year the grounds will be truly beautiful, the trail path is good and the hills magnificent !!!! As always the fabulous Grim Up North Running marshal team will be supporting you all the way Cakes and a medal await your return alongside the beer and chocolate goody bag. Registration will take pl...

10 Miles

Wednesday 26th June 2019
07:00 pm
  • Aged between 18 and 99
  • Only 16 places remaining

5 Miles

Wednesday 26th June 2019
07:00 pm
  • Aged between 17 and 99
  • Only 3 places remaining

Key Information

Difficulty rating
10 Miles
5 Miles
Race HQ:
Temple Newsam Road,Leeds,LS15 0AE
Cut Off Time:
2 hours (early start available for ultra / marathon runners)

Race Briefs and Maps

5 Miles Race Course Map
10 Miles Race Course Map
Kate Nutt, Ralph Mills, Rhys Gillard, Rebecca Wixey, Katie Cartwright, Sandra Scorah, Katie Taylor, Chris Reid, Donna Webb, Rachel Batley, Michaela Wilson, Yvonne Cherryholme, Sharon Gardner, Melanie Potts, Andrew Bolas, Nigel Fuller, Paul Anderson, Lisa Locke, Christopher Birkenshaw, Natalie Saunders, Lynsey Delahaye, Martin Sharp, Sam Cussen, Laura Catlin, Leanne Grimes, Ewan Malone, Jo Tipling, Debbie Ibberson, Stephen Kirk, Simon Quinnell, Jim Moore, Sarah Scott, Gary Ellerby, Louise Hobson, Michelle Bartram, Claire Newton, Chris Newton, Debb Howcroft, Hannah Miller, Gemma Quinn, Katherine Cullen, Victoria Wood, Adrienne Seitz, Ian Carnegie, Andy Dickinson, Andy Dickinson, Samantha Carr, Jessica Trayte, Stephen Finnie, Lorna Humphreys, Paul Piercy, Yvette Naylor, John Gash, Colin Johnstone, Ruth Warren, Lorna Hodgkiss, Joanna Bower, Gemma Baxter, David Jewison, Graham Rhodes, Louise Obrien, Kristina Wigelius, Samantha Swift, Michael Wilson, Sarah Wilson, Jo Yendell, Matthew Ramm, Jane Slocombe, Jamie Ford, Fyn Lees, Lisa Harrison, Richard Barker, Owain Phillips, Mandy Gash, Wayne Gash, Debbie Edwards, Edward Hutchings, Hope Primus, Danny Kelly, Melissa Kelly, Jamie Heselden, Robin Tuckerman, Keith Starkey, Rosie Sykes, Michael Breakspeare, James Grant, Stephen Smyth, Rebecca Moylett, Karen Lam, Mark Casey, Mitchell Scott, Rebecca Thomas, Gary Tebbutt, Katherine Richardson, Andrew Thornton, James Macmillan, Elizabeth Deakin, Ben Hewitt, Dan Cherington, Tim Mckenzie, Thomas Lawrence, Harvey Smith, Jane Dowson, Michael Leadbetter, Andrew Vigrass, Kelham Beautyman, Rob Hirst, Karen Sherras, Lucy Dockerty (slaithwaite Striders), Nigel Caufield, David Bundy, Kath Biddle, Andy Green, Rachel Clyburn, Ian Moran, Richard Sellman, David Semmence, Craig Kellett, Skye Bellhouse, Skye Bellhouse, Adam Mcdonald, Siobhan Orr, Tahlia Storer, Lee Johnson, Nicky Busby, Alexander Mcclements, Simon Kendall, Kerrie Mintoft, Ronnie Dowse, Kerry Bateman, Chris Leese

As is the norm with running events there are no cancellations, refunds or transfers, however if in the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, snow, adverse weather or similar then we'll offer a free transfer to a re-arranged date or the following years event. Please see our It's Grim up North Running policy for more information.