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Bramley 10k Road Race 2019
10K Road Race


Sunday 20th October 2019
08:30 am

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10k Road Race

Sunday 20th October 2019
08:30 am

The first mention of Bramley comes in the Domesday Book compiled for William the Conqueror in 1086. The Bram part of the name occurs in several other Yorkshire village names such as Bramhope and Bramham. In Old English (the language of the Anglo-Saxons) it signifies the broom plant. Ley means a clearing. It would seem therefore that Bramley started out life as 'a clearing covered with broom'. In recent years the town has been referred to ‘as the village that disappeared’, the demolition of many historic buildings left many of the local residents unhappy, with a feeling of disappointment that the true character of the town had been lost for ever. Despite the change in the buildings and appearance of the town what has remained is the true gritty character of genuine Yorkshire folk and the friendly feeling. ‘Thas run thee 10K na Sit thissen dahn’

  • Aged between 16 and 99

Key Information

Difficulty rating
10k Road Race
Race HQ:
Bramley,Leeds,LS13 3JZ
Cut Off Time:
2 hrs (early start available for ultra / marathon runners)

Race Briefs and Maps

10k Road Race Race Brief Course Map
Julie Wright, John Jennings, Wendy Mundy, Claire Baxter, Katie Hodge, Philip Ramsden, Carol Ramsden, Annabel Adiprasito, Katie Osborne, Steven Clayton, Liz Gribbin, Emma Turner, Susan Matthews, Anthony Flannery, Kirstyn Flannery, Vicky Jubb, Jacqueline Stack, Trish Bowen, Fraser Howitt, Katie Jones, Ann Page, Jackie Malone, Jackie Malone, Lesley Connors, Jay Evanson, Darren Evanson, Lily Evanson, Katie Oliver, John Oliver, Martin Wallace, Clare Miller, Darren Wake, Tracey Wake, Katherine Gomersall, Sultana Gani, Dawn Richardson, Rob Woodwark, Lillie Ubeid, Elaine Goldsack, Rebecca Bonner, Pilar Donnelly, Dawn Mann, Esther Waistell, Jane Leeson, Claire Keighley, James Lyner, Martin Hutchinson, Chris Thomson, Lyndsey Emberson, Stuart Pinder, James Ward, Ronnie Dowse, Sam Waterworth, Derek Brooks, Andrew Roebuck, Helen Foster, Mick Hogan, Kellyjay Hickabottom, Michael Reynard, John Uren, Janette Freeman, Matt Lee, Alejandro Arnes, Eesa Patel, Andrew Wright, Jose Martinez, Lucy Hardman, Louise Wilkinson, Christopher Dronsfield, Emily Williams, Steve Irving, Marianna Easter, Scott Crowden, Aaron Dempsey, Yvonne Smurthwaite, Mark Austin, Hazel Crabb, Helen Jubb, Chris Edmond, Daniel Marston, Martin Fairall, Steve Head, Karen Head, Constantinos Theophilou, David Halladay, Adam Firth, Rachel Feather, Kieran Pickles, Tim Gaines, Vicky Scroggins, James Forster, Andrew Wood, Stewart Currie, Jenny Oldridge, Sally Cork, Rebecca Campbell, Paul Hayhurst, Caroline Asquith, Kathryn Wood, Angela Johnson, Maria-elena Metaxas, Thomas Coyle, Hayley Duffy, Robert Little, Mark Jackson, Nicholas Mitchell, Richard Lewis, Victoria Sharratt, Andrew Szymanski, Chris Smith, Andrew Corker, Elaine Bailey, Rachel Bailey, Emma Bailey, Laura West Yorkshire, Christopher Birkenshaw, Yasemin Kolsuz, Alastair Wood, Caroline Heward, Vicky Omelianowicz, Shirley Walker, Stephanie Sleightholm, Alexandra Tattersall, Bob Scroggins, Richard Allen, Jamie Hill, Mark Robb, Paul Thomas, Ian Brown, Tom Spence, Diane Bell, Stuart Setterington, Jodie Kitchen, Graham Kitchen, Ruth Paxton, Chris Higgins, Rick Johnson, Jemma Leckenby, Paula Mcintosh, Lucy Cowell, Selcuk Kaya, Samantha Sharman, Hannah Meekings, Steve Nicholas, Jill Jarvis, Julie Cooper, Ian Harrison, Joanne Harrison, Jason Newell, Rachel Parker, Emma Scargill, Gary Binns, Luke Johnson, Jo Marsden, Keren Pearson, Sam Turnbull, Tom Thomas, Sharon Lazenby, A P M, Alistair Walder, Kevin Boylan, Charlotte Kent, Deborah Lightowler, Oliver Thornton, Diane Mckenna, Cara Kirkness, Thomas Jackson, Theresa Tate, Christopher Brown, Curtis Broadhead, Sam Rowell, Mark White

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