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Settle Half Marathon Road Race

Settle Half Marathon Road Race

Settle is a beautiful market town in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, it is serviced with a nearby Railway Station in Giggleswick. Settle is a vibrant and bustling town, with lots of bars, restaurants, shops, galleries and of course accommodation. If any of you have ever walked or ran the Yorkshire 3 peaks then you will probably be familiar with Settle as all the 3 peaks are within a few miles of Settle so wonderful walking country. Settle is also famous for the Settle to Carlisle Railway which is a beautiful route and the Ribblehead Viaduct with its 24 arches is surely one of the wonders of Yorkshire if not England. Overlooking the...

Settle Half Marathon

Starts: Sunday 3rd March
Time : 10:30 am
  • Aged between 18 and 99

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Settle Half Marathon
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Settle Half Marathon Race Brief Course Map
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Simon Gudgeon, Rob Corcoran, Sarah Gray, Ben Reid, Alistair Watson, Jorunn Jonsdottir, Steve Irving, Gill Chippendale, Gill Chippendale, Anne Carman, Kev Chippendale, Jo Yendell, Gordon Brown, Chris Feeley, Jackie Russell, Andrew Russell, Lucy Vamplew, Richard Bulmer, Barnaby Netherwood, Thomas Benson, Paula Morgan, Paul Towers, Isobel Deakin, Chris Leadbeater, Aiden West, Simon Hardaker, Rebecca Styles, Darron Speck, Marc Potter, Karen Munnelly, Nicola Wright, Jennifer Crocker, Ben Kumar, Andrew Jones, Alan Ward, Scott Gillespie, Luke Senior, Jason Tennant, Robert Woolmer, Rebecca Wixey, Sally Anne Speight, Mark Maclagan, Lisa Burgess, Sharon Hardcastle, Stephen Abram, Steve Rostron, Mark Smith, Joanna Phillips, Marie Briggs, Katie Taylor, Pete Welsh, James Hartley, Dave Green, Lesley Wilson, Stephen Bennett, Jill Hobson, Louise Obrien, Jeremy Scott, Sarah Melvin, Thomas Greaves, Sarah Swan, Christopher Stanhope, Mary Meyer, Kane Sedgwick, Annabelle Caton, John Cloke, Martin Waugh, Paul Burrows, Daniel Moody, Ryan Hargreaves, Carl Ellison, Sarah Rawlings, Gareth Harland, Lora Kidd, Alan Brown, Phil Kyte, Wajid Raza, Stephanie Shepherd, Craig Lancaster, Stephan Brown, Jack Atkinson, Rebecca Black, David Bray, Joseph Morrell, Dom Leckie, Greg Thorley, Jo Sweeting, Heather Dawson, Kristian James Henry, Jayne Galloway, Gary Pattison, Paul Tarbotton, James Robertson, Doromy Kendrick, Sallyann Masih, Stephen Hubbard, Fiona Gamble, Lizzie Williams, Mark Sutherland, Andrew Durant, Paul Georgas, Flora Dallas, Geir Darge, Thomas Sowerby, Sarah Krige, Adam Mcdonald, Stuart Kilmartin, Eszter Schmidt-hantos, Ryan Durkin, Stephen Foster, George Rounthwaite, Andrew Blair, Ann Le Bek, Angela Holt, Matthew Hayes, David Wilson, Sarah Jones, Susan Brown, Matthew Gibson, Sharon Sinkinson, Zoe Allder, Hannah Peace, Alexander Tye, Vera Ostojic, Graham Wright, Steven Clegg, Isabella Nieto, Sum Yi Kwong, Paul Foster, Sean Cole, David Goodyear, Ann Kisluk, Jason Peel, Melanie Sinclair, Joanne Charalambous, Catherine Eversfield, Keith Johnstone, Ben Ashdown, Sarah Raymond- Barker, Anthony Cox, Ellen Sharpe, Sybil Lang, Alistair Greig, Ian Gaunt, Kate Smithson, Alison Shooter, Kate Wozniak, Sarah Oliver, James France, Claire Tailford, Alexandra Whapples, Jayne Norman, Matt Curley, Kyle Bethell, Kerry Bateman, Charlotte Dale, Oliver Davison, Laura Wigley, Matthew Adams, Edward East, Carmel O'grady, Henry Eglin, Ellis Bland, Peter Ramsden, Matt Lloyd, Jamie Best, Ted Leahy, Daniel Gaunt, Anders Backstrom, Claire Palmer, Stephen Chapman, Phil Hammond, Lee Welsby, Dean Lenihan, Blair Paterson, Antony Robinson, David Smithers, Josh Yeadon, Jason Brant, Kath Scaife, Jackie Oakes, Craig Stevenson, Claire Jones, R West, Cath Jones, Rob Mullaney, Rob Mullaney, Mark Raven, Charlotte Andrew, Martin Quinn, Daryl King, Chris Ragg, Jamie Hill, Thomas Bunn, Louise Trainor, Rob Whittleston, Joanne Nelson, Claire Cooper, Mark Armstrong, Agata Cienciala, Paul Brindle, Joe Butler, Elizabeth Walker, Mumtaz Patel, Chris Leek, David Todd, Elizabeth Renondeau, Simon Lacy, Sarah King, Rachel Osmond, Claire Featherstone, Alastair Wood, Rachel Newman, Theresa Tate, Neil Yewdall

As is the norm with running events there are no cancellations, refunds or transfers, however if in the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, snow, adverse weather or similar then we'll offer a free transfer to a re-arranged date or the following years event. Please see our It's Grim up North Running policy for more information.