Grim Up North
Virtual Grim Jolly Roger

Virtual Grim Jolly Roger

We had so much fun with the rainbow colours we decided to do it all again. Next weekend we want you to run dressed in something Black on Friday, something white on Saturday and something black and white on Sunday. You can run any distance you like , you don't have to be called Roger but you have to be Jolly. For this event instead of a medal all participants will get a great a really great skull and crossbones buff . (This event will finish next Sunday )

Any Distance

Starts: Thursday 30th July
Ends:   Sunday 31st May
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Key Information

Difficulty rating
Any Distance
Race HQ:
Any where you choose
Judith Rennison, Karen Holroyd, Mark Lawrence, Kate Mcintyre, Sharon Shillito, Vicky Clarke, Michelle Sutton, Lily Sutton, Sarah Hallewell, Mark Shaw, Dianne Shaw, Jacqui Webster, Rachael Howard, Wayne Richards, Jo Fineran, Cathy Hughes, Janet Tolson, Sarah Whiteley, Paula Hirst, Alison Metcalfe, Rebecca Swales, Mary Rushforth, Ken Chilcott, Gillian Dudley, Audra Naylor, Michelle Simpson, Samantha Beecham, George Sherriffs, Helen Bennett, Diane Corbett, Jane Dowson, Diane Hubber, Catherine Mcguire, Ronnie Dowse, Hilary Wharam, James Robertson, Jane Holt, Claire Pendery, Ryan Pendery, Jeanette Hanley, Sue Cartwright, Walt Cartwright, Ian Needham, Lucy Smith, Alan Ward, Annette Blythe, Paul Needham, Louise Story, Sarah Kirkham, Victoria Bell, Emma Simmons, Mary Taylor, Beth Taylor-jones, Kate Urwin, Gary Ellis, Trish Kaye, Amanda Murray-hind, Neil Crerar, Rachel Gibson, Graham Dewar, Christine Lay, Jo Gibson, Rebecca Johnson, Samantha Coates, Kevin Blackhurst, Koren Carr, Alison John-baptiste, Linzi Dearden, Charlotte Chadwick, Daniel Holt, Anne Mason, Miami Holt, Matt Brignell, Chris Elkington, Helen Shaw, Victoria Brides, Yvonne Spivey

As is the norm with running events there are no cancellations, refunds or transfers, however if in the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, snow, adverse weather or similar then we'll offer a free transfer to a re-arranged date or the following years event. Please see our It's Grim up North Running policy for more information.