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Team Verrico  Charity Virtual Race

Team Verrico Charity Virtual Race

Team Verrico was founded following Anna Verrico’s diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer, following her tragic death the charity has gone on to raise a significant amount of money and have a huge positive impact on the lives of many cancer sufferers and their families . The charity is without doubt close to the hearts of many members of our running community and as such has been chosen by the runners as their charity of the year The amazing charity helps support research into new treatments , supports both patients and their families with both the emotional and financial impact of cancer and educates and informs the general public abou...

Team Verrico Charity Virtual Race

Starts: Sunday 17th March

Key Information

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Team Verrico Charity Virtual Race
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Any where you choose
Cathryn Speight, Celeste Koen, Caroline Hastie, Elizabeth Stephensen-payne, Eleanor Thomson, Deborah Crump, Liz Hargrave, Rosie Smith, Judith Rennison, Judith Rennison, Andrew Tomlinson

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