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Virtual Race 'Roundhog' Day

Virtual Race 'Roundhog' Day

Every year on February 2nd a small town in Northern America celebrates Groundhog day, the celebration derives from an old German tale about a Groundhog poking its head up from Winter Hibernation and if he can see his shadow believing spring to be on the way. Ironically over the last year most of the world has lived their own version of Groundhog day, staying at home, reducing social contacts and seemingly living the same day 'over' and 'over' again. Well here at Grim we thought it would be fun to capture the last 'crazy' year with our own version of Groundhog day, which for all you Grimmer's will now be know with the new catchy title ' R...

Roundhog Day

Starts: Sunday 28th March
Time : 09:30 am ‐ 11:55 pm

Key Information

Difficulty rating
Roundhog Day
Race HQ:
Any Circular Route you Choose
Ann Carr, Vanesa Randerson, Claire Pendery, Judith Rennison, Hilary Wharam, Dot Carr, Coralin Harrison, Melanie Snutch, Nicola Barnett, Liz Taylor, Emma Firth-rymer, Rebecca Bancroft, Kate Walton, Emma Finer, Michelle Cheney, Andrew Cheney, Kevin Blackhurst, Rebecca Mcdermott, Susan Kelly, Jason Hill, Christine Lay, Claire Angus, Joanne Burden, Nicholas Ibbotson, Anne-marie Pollard-vearnals, James Middlebrook, Karen Butcher, Louise Stronach, Katy Pallett, Sara Latham, Mandy Sweeney, Stuart Gelder, Tom Lenthall, Charlotte Hardy, Craig Parker, Tracy Mistry

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