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Virtual Race- When We Went Through Hell........ We Kept Going'

Virtual Race- When We Went Through Hell........ We Kept Going'

You are strong and you are resilient and we know, that you can get through this. Keep doing what you love, keep fit and look after yourself, give yourself goals and small things to motivate you, we know it will help !!. For this challenge we would like you to 'move' 10 days out of 14 ( the 14 days starts when it works for you and it can be any 10 days out of the 14 and doesn't have to be consistent ). You can run or walk but whatever you do enjoy it, celebrate your good health and well being and know for sure the 'Grim Team' are right behind you cheering you across that finish line. Please note £10 from every booking for this race wi...

Virtual Race- When We Went Through Hell........ We Kept Going'

Starts: Tuesday 5th January
Time : 08:00 am ‐ 12:00 pm
  • Only 39 places remaining

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Virtual Race- When We Went Through Hell........ We Kept Going'
Kate Mcintyre, Christine Lumb, Vicky Jubb, Isabella Donovan, Tina Baker, Cait Hodgson, Kevin Blackhurst, Annette Clark, Chris Morrison, Samantha Oldfield, Tammy Hildred, Stephen Smales, Mandy Gisbourne, Deborah Bradbrook, Paul Duckett, Lynn Westcott, Janet Tolson, Christopher Oldroyd, Michelle Oldroyd, Alison Shooter, Judith Rennison, Rae Bartram, Lydia Wharton, Clare Holl, Karen Parsons, Rebecca Priestley, Kirstan Bradley, Liz Taylor, Andrew Sumner, Mary Rushforth, Hilary Wharam, Beth Taylor-jones, Michelle Potts, Sara Potter, Amanda Murray-hind, Danny Moore, Lisa Cottam, Joanne Punt, Jack Foster, George Sherriffs, Joe Toker, Rachael Howard, Wayne Richards, Mel Tattersfield, Pete Evans, Jackie Malone, Michelle Simpson, Krisztina Kerekes, Margaret Pinder, Dawn Barnes, Andrea Hollis, Paula Appleton, Sarah Scott, Sam Ford, Ann Carr, Ruth Marbeck, Louise Helen Baum, Gayle Bennett, Amanda West, Amanda Bryant, Alison Rodriguez, Joanne Wilkinson, Joanne Wilkinson, Alan Sykes, Jane Holt, Juliet Cresswell, Valerie Valovin, Jennifer Smith, Aiden West, Angela Cramp, Rebecca Morris, Allan Gibbs-monaghan, Marie Robinson, Paula Hirst, Janet Mitchell, Rhino Boy Chris Green, Rhino Boy Chris Green, Samantha Allen, Martin Slack, Cheryl Wainwright, Jo Sewell, Claire Sayles, Kevin Megson, Ann Wilkinson-cox, Katie Lee, Christopher Birkenshaw, Emma Davis, Kate Colcutt, Claire Pendery, Rich Rex, Tamsin Coughtrey-smith, Liam Sharp, Helen Lambert, Ivan Lambert, Keith Johnstone, Colin Johnstone, Catherine While, Amanda Race, Susy Rhodes, Terence Forrest, Christine Porter, Amelia West, Andy Patrick, Helen Clark, Judith Armitage, Jackie Mann

As is the norm with running events there are no cancellations, refunds or transfers, however if in the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, snow, adverse weather or similar then we'll offer a free transfer to a re-arranged date or the following years event. Please see our It's Grim up North Running policy for more information.