Grim Up North
The Virtual Great Grim Trot along Hadrian's Wall

The Virtual Great Grim Trot along Hadrian's Wall

This is one of four extended virtual races, this been the shortest. With 84 miles of path this world heritage site has been ran or walked by many, on this occasion you will need to complete the distance virtually, the added bonus been that it can be done in bite size chunks. All participants will be contacted on booking via email and given details of where to send the evidence each week of how many miles they complete. When you have completed all 84 miles you will receive a lovely medal. (Medals will be dispatched approximately six weeks after the distance is completed)

84 Miles

Starts: Tuesday 28th April
Time : 01:44 pm ‐ 12:00 am
Optional T shirt Price: £ 13
  • Only 39 places remaining

Key Information

Difficulty rating
84 Miles
Race HQ:
Any where you choose
Allan Watts, Carolyn Davy, Roisin Briggs, Rachel Capstick, Kim Peto, Sarah Hallewell, Meg Carpenter, Diane Shaw, Liz Taylor, Sam Gross, Helen Johnston, Juliet Cresswell, Julie Todd, Amy Carlin, Gaynor Clarke, Annette Hay-a-park, Steve Irving, Dianne Shaw, Max Stubbings, Thomas Aitchison, George Sherriffs, Sally O’connell, Beth Taylor-jones, Kate Mcintyre, Paula Hirst, Viki Clarke, Dawn Corlet, Victor Choules, Amanda Halliday, John Collins, Kevin Pickles, Barbara Bath, James Price, Gillian Dudley, Helen Williams, Cait Hodgson, Rachel Gibson, Jennifer Swales, Caroline Thomas, Jane Dowson, Sandra Pinder, Andy Beacock, Helen Clark, Colin Harber Stuart, Fiona Mccallum, Paul Symons, Laura Chambers, Helen Strong, Colin Knox, Katharine Mawford, Elaine Mawford, Tanya Harber Stuart, Stewart Newberry, Amy Fox, Ric Jaques, Helen Dobson, Claire Pendery

As is the norm with running events there are no cancellations, refunds or transfers, however if in the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, snow, adverse weather or similar then we'll offer a free transfer to a re-arranged date or the following years event. Please see our It's Grim up North Running policy for more information.