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Virtual Great Grim Canal Challenge

Virtual Great Grim Canal Challenge

So we can't currently hold a real event but we can hold a fantastic virtual event challenging you to run one hundred and twenty seven and a quarter miles that equates to the distance of the Leeds to Liverpool Canal. This can be done in bite size chunks, all runners must send in their distances on a weekly basis. (Details will follow be sent to all participants of where to send the evidence) All runners will receive a medal and a bespoke T shirt, The full distance will need to be complete by 31.8.20

127 1/4 Miles Great Grim Canal Challenge

Starts: Monday 6th April
Time : 12:32 pm ‐ 12:00 am
Optional T shirt Price: £ 13
  • No places remaining

Key Information

Difficulty rating
127 1/4 Miles Great Grim Canal Challenge
Race HQ:
where ever you like

As is the norm with running events there are no cancellations, refunds or transfers, however if in the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances, snow, adverse weather or similar then we'll offer a free transfer to a re-arranged date or the following years event. Please see our It's Grim up North Running policy for more information.